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Contribute in activating and improving the program of quality control, public safety and food security.


To carry out the real implementation of the results of determining the quality and efficiency of imported materials to Iraq and Kurdistan Region.


Preparation of a highly educated local staff of certificate holders in the field of quality control programs.


Establishment and activation of specialized laboratories that include many advanced and modern scientific devices to make it a scientific infrastructure towards the future plan for the program of quality control in Kurdistan Region and working on future expansions in shaping the international horizons.


The mechanical unification of quality control work in Kurdistan Region through establishing an electronic network to facilitate the process of identifying and diagnosing the quality of imported materials and local products classified in the framework of commercial movement at all border points.


Planning and working for mechanical validating of the mechanism of action at the global level through coordination and real cooperation with one of the best international companies specialized in the field of quality control.


Preparation and working in the field of scientific foundations within the international standards of quality control for obtaining international certificates (ISO) for scientific examinations approved globally, despite the fact that all the specialists in the work of our laboratories are holding certificates recognized by UNESCO.

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