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New Standard Company has a scientific committee of various scientific disciplines and high degree holders recognized by UNESCO. It assesses the results of physical, chemical and biological tests, as well as analyzes the impact of these results on public health and safety by determining the extent, level, and quality of materials Imported and analytical results based on quality control measures.


The quality control system is implemented according to the scientific standards certified in Iraq and Kurdistan Region through the use of modern and sophisticated equipment and certified globally according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Iraqi and International certificate, which considered as one of the achievements of the company.


Submitting scientific plans based on a variety of disciplines.


Following an electronic system in laboratories and field tests in the context of a specialized and certified for the results of tests and according to general customs instructions in the Iraqi laws and the laws of the Kurdistan Region and based on scientific global standards.


New Standard has the ability to carry out all physical, chemical and biological laboratory tests, as well as electronic and mechanical tests for spare parts, electrical appliances, vehicles and household items, based on the availability of appropriate training and equipment.


Qualifying local staff of different specialties by the company's specialists through training sessions on laboratory devices and electronic system to implement quality control programs.


The academic team of the company have scientific experience in the physical, chemical, biological and physiological, as they have worked in these areas in the consulting offices of the local and international Universities for many years.


The staff of our company carried out many scientific activities for institutions, government departments, courts and security authorities as needed and formal agreements with them.

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