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Gold - XRF-Tester

Gold Tester, GoldXpertSDD/ OLYMPUS Type

Nondestructive precious metals assay and Karat ID, using X-ray fluorescence. This device scans the precious metals and determines the karat. This technique is widely used as a proven and acceptable method in chemical analysis. It determines the purity of precious metals and the ratios of more than 20 elements in alloys. The device easy to use, fast-acting, performs the test in seconds, giving metal impurities in alloys, such as the percentage of metal impurities in jewels made of gold, silver and platinum. It is a very accurate and useful method to obtain alloy chemistry and karat assessment (gold content and silver). It analyses the metals with one nondestructive and nonintrusive test. Some of the elements can be scanning in alloys metals such as Au, Ag, Cr, Pb, Pd, Cu, Zn, Mn, Ni, Cd, Fe, Zr, Bi, Sb, ……. etc.

NOTE: all samples are analysing according to Iraqi instruction.

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