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Near Infrared Reflectance spectroscopy (NIR)

Near Infra-red spectroscopy (NIR) Type Perten/ DA 7250™ 

The DA 7250™ is the latest technology and new generation of NIR analysers. It is a high performance laboratory instrument, fast and accurate performance, versatile, Easy-to-use touch screen. Performs multi-component analysis (moisture, protein, ash, fibres….., etc.) in 6 seconds, requires a little amount of sample without sample preparation. It’s use in the analysis of food, agriculture, veterinary, products in both liquid and solid forms (e.g. grains, meals, powders, pellets, finished goods, flour, slurries, chips, cigarettes, cheeses, yogurt, milk, meat, meat products and pasta ……etc.)

NOTE: all samples are analysing according to Iraqi standard regulations when needed.

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